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Dallas Mavericks: DeShawn Stevenson talks 2011 championship, Dirk, and more
The Dallas Mavericks pulled off one of the biggest NBA Finals upsets in 2011 when they knocked off LeBron James and Miami Heat. DeShawn Stevenson played a key role during the Mavs title season. The 6’5 wing brought the team Stitched Utah Jazz Jerseys needed defense and toughness.

The current Mavericks could use a DeShawn Stevenson type. They will be searching for defense and toughness this offseason. It will be interesting to see if they can find it and make a deep playoff run in 2021.

Stevenson discussed his NBA career and time in Dallas on the Mavs Archives podcast. Let us take a closer look at the episode.

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Former Dallas Mavericks wing DeShawn Stevenson discusses the 2011 title and more
Stevenson was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2000. Fans remember the playoff showdown between Karl Malone and Dirk Nowitzki in 2001. Here is Cheap DeShawn Stevenson Jersey what Stevenson had to say about that series.

“That is when I was like, ‘DANG, Dirk is really good’. That is when Dirk stepped up because I don’t think (the Mavericks) were supposed to beat us.”

He went on to talk about Nowitzki giving Malone fits in the series. That was one of Dirk’s coming out moments in the NBA and his first Cheap Karl Malone Jersey playoff experience.

The conversation quickly shifted to Stevenson’s time with the Mavericks. He noted feeling “disrespected” because he was viewed as a throw-in in the trade that sent him from the Wizards to Dallas.

They talked about how was the perfect fit for the Mavs and went into the story of Jason Terry getting the championship trophy tattoo before winning it all.

Stevenson told this story about the t-shirt he was wearing after the Mavericks secured the title.

“The whole time we played the Miami Heat, there was somebody that was trying to act like me and was stirring stuff on the internet. I had multiple conversations with Carlisle where it was like leave LeBron alone. I was like I don’t even have social media, so he looked into it and found out I didn’t have social media.

Fast forward to that, we win the championship and I am walking in the hotel… I get off on my floor and the guy had the shirt, so I was like, ‘Yo, let me get the shirt”. He was like I will give the shirt if you give me your jersey, so I swapped it.”

Stevenson left the Mavericks after the 2011 championship season. He signed with the Nets following the lockout.

Stevenson also discusses his childhood idol, his experience getting to the NBA, his time in the BIG3, and so much more. Fans should listen to the entire interview with the 2011 championship guard. It was awesome to hear what the former Maverick is doing these days. Hopefully, fans get to see him dominating the BIG3 again soon.

We was all eating Delaney Rudd Jersey dinner in Barcelona while

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Their equanimity restored, the Jazz’s swagger quickly came back, too.

“Coming out of that series, we really felt that we had a chance to do something special,” Corbin said.

Now matched up against a Seattle SuperSonics team led by Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, the Jazz figured to have a tough Cheap Delaney Rudd Jersey battle on their hands if they were to make it as far as the Western Conference finals for the first time.

And it was tough — Game 1 was decided by just eight points. Games 2, 3 and 4 by six points apiece. Game 5 was the only double-digit outcome of the series, as the Jazz prevailed 111-100. Of course, while all the games were close, they were also almost all in Utah’s favor. Practically before they knew it, they’d earned a 4-1 series victory and broken through their supposed glass ceiling.

Utah would now head up to Portland to take on the top-seeded Trail Blazers, four wins away from the NBA Finals. Being blown Cheap John Stockton Jersey out 113-88 in Game 1 and 119-102 in Game 2 did nothing to diminish their belief in themselves.

“I distinctly remember the team being very confident,” Edwards said. “And sometimes when you’re confident, you don’t have to beat your chest, you don’t have to tell everybody about it — it’s just a matter of having that quiet confidence that, you know, the team is good enough, we have the right pieces.”

The Jazz rallied back in Game 3, with Karl Malone racking up 39 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in a 97-89 victory. In Game 4, Malone had 33 points and 12 rebounds, and Stockton contributed 18 points and 15 assists, and Utah’s 121-112 win tied the series, setting up a pivotal Game 5.

(Tribune File Photo) John Stockton of the Utah Jazz (12) drives past New York Knicks’ Gerald Wilkins (21), left, and Mark Jackson (13), right, in an NBA game Jan. 29. 1992.
(Tribune File Photo) John Stockton of the Utah Jazz (12) drives past New York Knicks’ Gerald Wilkins (21), left, and Mark Jackson (13), right, in an NBA game Jan. 29. 1992.

The series may have been effectively decided on a play right before halftime in Portland. As Blazers guard Clyde Drexler went to Cheap Karl Malone Jersey make a move, the ball was swiped from him. The follow-through motion of his arm, however, resulted in Stockton taking a finger to his right eye.

“It was a bad one. … Stockton goes off the floor at halftime and and everybody’s wondering, ‘Gosh, how bad is it?’” Luhm said. “And Stockton — Mr. Indestructible — doesn’t play in the second half.”

With team doctors determining the point guard’s vision was sufficiently compromised, he was held out. Still, Utah rallied from an eight-point halftime deficit to tie the game going into the fourth quarter. Backup point guard Delaney Rudd even nailed a 3-pointer at the end of regulation to send the game to overtime. Still, after Utah took a brief lead, the Blazers reeled off an 8-0 run to close out the 127-121 win.

Stockton would return for Game 6, and while he would rack up 18 points and 12 assists, he also was clearly still impacted by the injury — shooting just 5 for 19 overall and 1 of 8 from 3-point range.

“The Jazz said, you know, in typical Jazz fashion, ‘Oh, he’s going to be fine.’ They didn’t really put anything on [the injury report]. Well, Stockton wasn’t fine. He was hurt and he tried to play, but he just wasn’t himself,” Luhm said. “… I saw his eye after the game and it was all bloody and red and it was it was really grotesque. Just the nature Utah Jazz Jerseys China of the beast, I guess — somebody got hurt, and it happened to be one of the best players of all time.”

With Utah mustering just 38 points after halftime, Portland earned a 105-97 win, a series victory, and a Finals date against Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the defending champion Chicago Bulls.

The Jazz were simultaneously proud of finally having taken that next step, disappointed about losing a series they felt they could have won, and resolute that, with another new step now to take, they would find a way to make it happen.

“After that, in the locker room, it’s that sense of, we let a good opportunity slip through our fingers; that this was our series to win, and, you know, we blew it,” Edwards recalled. “And so it was a letdown. … We had an opportunity and we lost that focus, we lost a grip on it, and it got away from us. I think, in some ways, that probably made the team even more even more hungry.”

Members of the U.S. basketball team greet center Patrick Ewing (6), left, during the game against Angola in Bandalona, Spain, during the Summer Games, July 26, 1992. From left are John Stockton, Clyde Drexler, obscured, Chris Mullen, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, and Ewing. The U.S. beat Angola, 116-48. (AP Photo/John Gaps III)
Members of the U.S. basketball team greet center Patrick Ewing (6), left, during the game against Angola in Bandalona, Spain, during the Summer Games, July 26, 1992. From left are John Stockton, Clyde Drexler, obscured, Chris Mullen, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, and Ewing. The U.S. beat Angola, 116-48. (AP Photo/John Gaps III)

And if that series itself didn’t do it, a story the “Brown Bear” brought back from his trip to watch the 1992 Summer Olympics would certainly do the trick.

“Out of the 12 guys on [the Dream Team], I had played with four: currently playing with John and Karl, and I played with Pippen and Jordan to start my career. So I went over to Spain to watch. And I was talking there to Pippen. … We was all eating dinner in Barcelona while the Dream Team was going on; I was able to have dinner with the guys, and they’re playing cards, and [Pippen] said, ‘Brown, man, we was happy as I don’t know what’ [when Portland beat you],” Brown remembered. “He said, ‘Man, we was glad you guys lost, because we really didn’t want to play y’all. We really didn’t know what we was gonna be doing with your pick-and-roll. Portland was a way better matchup for us.’ So that was good information to hear. I wish we would’ve got a chance to play them, but that was definitely good to hear.”

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Three thoughts on the Utah Jazz’s 129-119 win over the Washington Wizards from Salt Lake Tribune Jazz beat writer Andy Larsen.
1. It’s nice to play the league’s worst defense
The Jazz’s offense played at its highest level in weeks, scoring 129 points on the Washington Wizards — who do feature the league’s worst defense. That’s a 127 offensive rating, which is nice on its own, but a 118 offensive rating just on their half-court possessions, which is really, really elite.

As you’d expect, that’s a combination of good Jazz offense and questionable Wizards defense. This basket was the Jazz’s first three of the game, and it’s a nice ready by Bojan Bogdanovic to fake the pass inside to Rudy Gobert, then kick it to Royce O’Neale in the corner.

On the other hand, it’s pretty lazy work by Ian Mahinmi in getting back to Gobert, and that was a very unscary closeout by Bradley Beal.

This is good ball movement by the Jazz, to be sure, but also… Shabazz Napier makes a terrible gamble on the play.

In other words, this was a really nice team to play in terms of getting out of a slump, especially one in which it seemed like the ball stuck far too much. With how aggressive Washington’s defense was in terms of helping, both on the perimeter and with Gobert’s rolls, the Jazz had to pass to get open looks.

I also thought it was a little strange that the Wizards played Isaac Bonga, their best perimeter defender, only 12 minutes, and played Mahinmi, probably their best interior defender, only 13 minutes. Their second unit really struggled with defensive rebounding. Davis Bertans only had five rebounds in his 28 minutes, and Thomas Bryant, who only had two rebounds in his 18 minutes, was even worse.

2. The bench
The Jazz were legitimately saved by the Cheap Tony Bradley Jersey/Cheap Georges Niang Jersey minutes. Gobert and Donovan Mitchell were matching -16s on the game. Meanwhile, Niang had a +23, Bradley a +22, Ingles and Clarkson +17, and Conley — the starter who played most with the bench — a +18.

Here’s’s graphic showing the Jazz’s rotation, along with their plus-minuses during each stint.

Bradley’s ability to get offensive rebounds — including his own — was crucial. This is nice set-up by Conley, but after Niang misses the three, Bradley’s early work allows him to get the very easy tip in.

But Bradley flashed more of his fringe skills tonight, too. The first opportunity was his three, caught and launched after a jump ball.

“It’s a great feeling shooting it,” Bradley said. “Joe [Ingles] told me, everyone told me to shoot it. Georges [Niang] especially encouraged me to shoot it and make it. There were four seconds left on the clock and Joe was like, ‘Shoot it!’ and I was like, ‘Alright.’ So I took my time, had all day it felt like and shot with confidence.”

It probably surprised people, but Bradley takes and makes those in his G-League games, so of course he’s capable of making the wide open ones in this level. Once, I saw him make 13 threes in a row in practice. That’s just practice, but it’s still pretty impressive!

More regularly useful was his defense, in which he did a pretty good job of defending without fouling. The Jazz’s defensive rating with Bradley out there was just 67, pretty terrific, and Bradley only had one foul. As with many of the positives in this article, this number is significantly caveated by the Wizards’ play, in this case the fact that Ish Smith, Jerome Robinson, and Thomas Bryant frequently took some pretty ill-advised shots.

I also appreciated Cheap Joe Ingles Jersey early aggression from 3-point range, especially after the troubles there against Boston. He only ended up taking five shots, but I thought the early ones he took allowed him to draw in the defense later, leading to his six assists.
Cheap Jordan Clarkson Jersey remains good, especially against teams with limited rim protection.

3. A good night for random milestones
About a year ago, the NBA gave me access to their NBA Courtside web app, a media-only site that is directly tied to the league’s scorekeeping apparatuses. In short, what it means is faster updates on in-game stats: as soon as the stats are updated by those at the scorers’ table, they refresh on my computer, so I can see how many points a player has, how well he’s shooting, etc. It’s useful for someone in my shoes, but the speed is especially helpful to play-by-play announcers and color commentators.

My favorite feature, though, is the in-game alerts, where it will tell me when teams go on runs, or when a player has a spectacular number of points in a quarter, or when a player has reached a milestone of some sort. It’s pretty lenient about what defines a milestone, so you get some really random ones. Here’s the list from tonight:

Cheap Bojan Bogdanovic Jersey passed Ricky Rubio for 21st on the Jazz All-Time three pointers list with 176.
Cheap Mike Conley Jersey passed Wesley Person for 80th on the All-Time three pointers list with 1,151
Mike Conley tied Shawn Kemp for 95th on the All-Time steals list with 1,185
Joe Ingles tied Aaron James for 24th on the Jazz All-Time points list with 3,829
Cheap Rudy Gobert Jersey passed Emeka Okafor for 93rd on the All-Time blocks list with 1,004
Donovan Mitchell tied Cheap Mehmet Okur Jersey for 6th on the Jazz All-Time three pointers list with 517
Donovan Mitchell passed Cheap Al Jefferson Jersey for 21st on the Jazz All-Time made shots list at 1,782
It is not surprising that Rubio was surpassed by Bogdanovic in about a two-thirds of a season. But Conley has a real chance to move up the NBA All-Time three leaderboard pretty quickly: he’s now just two made threes behind Jameer Nelson, and three behind Metta World Peace — both notorious 3-point shooters! (Okay, not really.)

I didn’t know who Cheap Aaron James Jersey was, so I Googled him. He played five seasons for the New Orleans Jazz. There are two good Aaron James stories in this article. First, Hod Rod Hundley, who even was the team’s radio voice way back then, had a catchphrase for him which was apparently “A.J. from the parking lot!” It wass to the point where it’s still James’ nickname.
Second, Jazz GM Bill Bertka drafted him in the second round in 1974, but somehow didn’t know what he looked like. So James walks up to him the next day at the team headquarters and introduces himself, saying, “My name is Aaron James, and you drafted me. How much you going to pay me?”

Gobert’s progress up the All-Time blocks list is going to be interesting to watch. He’s only in his seventh NBA season, so he has a ton of time to get more. On the other hand, we’re not in the era where Cheap Mark Eaton Jersey could average five blocks a game anymore — as good as Eaton was, teams now would just adjust by taking him out of the paint. If Gobert got 600-700 more blocks in his career, that’d put him at about 30th in league history. (For what it’s worth, he’s only one block behind Rick Mahorn for 92nd.)

Cheap Donovan Mitchell Jersey has played 2.6 seasons and is already even with Memo Okur — actually legitimately a notorious 3-point shooter for seven seasons — in 3-point shots. The game has changed. Mitchell has a couple of other milestones coming up: on Monday, he’ll tie Cheap Jarron Collins Jersey for games started for the Jazz with 203 — a good reminder of just how many games Collins somehow started during his Jazz career. Next week, he should also surpass Cheap Bryon Russell Jersey for 20th on the Jazz’s All-Time assists list.